You Won't Believe What Don McEachin Said Last Night!


At last night’s candidate forum in Richmond some very clear differences were drawn between my opponent and I. As I have traveled to every corner of our District and talked with thousands of voters, one thing has become clear - 4th District families can't afford to continue on the path we have been going under the current administration. My opponent wants to double down on the failed policies that have kept our communities from rising. 

My opponent made it very clear that he views climate change as our number one national security concern – not the rise of radical Islamic terrorism or the recent rash of violence against police officers. He also reiterated his desire to restrict law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, and he boasted about his ratings from anti-gun organizations. These policies are completely out of touch with 4th District voters and our American way of life. Not only will I focus our national security attention on keeping our citizens and communities safe, but I will defend all of our individual constitutional rights – particularly the 2nd Amendment.

We don't need to send another go along to get along career legislator to Washington. We need a proven public servant with a record of finding commonsense solutions that gets the job done. As Sheriff that's what I've done for the citizens of Henrico, and it's what I'll do for every citizen of the 4th District. 

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Make sure to get to the polls on November 8th and vote Mike Wade for Congress!  

On to victory!


Sheriff Mike Wade