Support Our Farmers!


It has been a busy month out on the campaign trail! I have enjoyed meeting so many of you as I spread my positive message of commonsense conservative solutions. This week in particular, it was great joining the Dinwiddie Farm Bureau for their annual picnic (click HERE to see the Progress-Index article on the event).

Redistricting this year has shifted a tremendous amount of Virginia’s agricultural industry and farms into the new 4th District. These hard-working and dedicated communities are the lifeline of our Commonwealth and account for a major portion of Virginia’s economy – particularly exports.

4th District farmers deserve a Representative who will stand with them and fight for their interests. As your next Congressman I pledge to be a tireless advocate for our agricultural industry.

It is time that we repeal the estate tax, which hits our small farmers disproportionately, as their family owned farms are often passed from one generation to the next – getting taxed each step along the way. This is an egregious abuse of taxation authority and it is a practice I intend to end. 4th District farmers deserve a leader who will stand with them in the ongoing debate over GMO labeling. These added regulations put an extreme burden on our agricultural industry and is killing jobs and causing family owned farms to close.

I will fight for you in Congress, but to get there I need your help. My opponent and the Democrat leadership are pouring millions of dollars into this race in an effort to regain control of the U.S. House. The damage that will come from allowing this to happen will have a devastating effect on our communities here in the 4th.

Will you donate $25, $50 or $100 to help us fight back against the Democrat machine and ensure our farmers have representation that will fight for them? If you are able to – please click HERE to contribute and join our campaign.

I will be a leader in Congress who finds commonsense solutions to the issues we face here in the 4th, and I will be a Congressman who stands for you!

On to victory!