Sheriff Wade Responds to Donald McEachin’s Record on Choice in Education

This election one of the major issues voters are demanding solutions to fix is our educational system in our nation Strengthening our public school system must be a priority, but we must also ensure we expand educational opportunity so that every single child in the 4th District has the opportunity to achieve their full potential regardless of their zip code or background.

This requires the expansion and utilization of charter schools. These schools help relieve some of the burden on our public schools and provide a quality education for children who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. Sadly, my opponent doesn’t agree. During his time in the Virginia Legislature he has consistently voted against the expansion of charter schools at every turn – most notably SB 737 in 2010 and SB 734 earlier this year. 

We need to open up our educational system and expand choices so everyone has access to a quality education and can achieve the American Dream. My opponent has made it clear he doesn’t agree and would rather throw astronomical amounts of money at the problem, which has never worked in the past. 

On Tuesday, November 8th let’s send a message loud and clear that the 4th District believes in educational opportunity for all, and lets support policies that get it done. Please join our campaign – and don’t forget to vote for Mike Wade for Congress on November 8th!