Sheriff Wade Calls on “Dodging Don” to Attend Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Debate

Henrico, VA – This morning the Virginian Pilot published an article confirming that my opponent has decided to “bail on” the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce candidate forum – citing dissatisfaction with the rules established for the event. Sheriff Mike Wade – Republican nominee for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District – issued the following statement in response to Dodging Don’s refusal to debate:

“It is a shame that my opponent refuses to come down and debate the issues for the voters of Chesapeake. As both he and I are from the Richmond region of the District I personally feel it is necessary to reach out and discuss the issues and our plans with the voters in Hampton Roads. Sadly, Dodging Don doesn’t agree, but with a voting record so out of touch with 4th District families, can we really blame him? 

Dodging Don has voted against property rights, voted against obtaining parental consent for sexually explicit material before it is taught in schools, voted against right to work laws, voted against charter schools at every turn and the list goes on. This record is indefensible and out of touch with the needs of the 4th District.

Now more than ever we need a representative in Washington we can be proud of. With the important decisions coming up that will affect the Hampton Roads area – in particular our large military community – I feel that the voters deserve to hear from those seeking to represent them, which is why I will still be attending the forum. I challenge my opponent to do the right thing by the voters as well.”