Sheriff Mike Wade Responds to Gun Control Legislation

HENRICO, VA – In the wake of the recent Orlando terrorist attack – gun control advocates have been pushing the restriction of law-abiding citizens’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Washington is broken. Instead of tackling the real issues that surround our national security – Democrats in Congress chose instead to stage a “sit-in” to try and force a vote on legislation that accomplishes nothing more than restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens with no due process. House Democrats could’ve brought these measures to the floor using a discharge petition or other methods, but instead have resorted to childish antics and partisan gamesmanship.

The 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right that must not be infringed upon. The legislation - which prompted this highly partisan showboating - would’ve barred those on the no-fly list from purchasing a firearm. The issues surrounding the no-fly list and how citizens are placed on it are widely documented with the ACLU filling suit. Even U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy has been placed on the no-fly list in the past.

When citizens are wrongly placed on this list – often without notification – it casts major doubts over the program’s integrity. And now gun control advocates want to violate due process laws and arbitrarily deny law-abiding citizens their constitutional rights.

In a statement put out today, Sheriff Wade remarked: “We as a nation must face the reality that we have had too many instances of mass violence and bloodshed in recent years. We must funnel the anger and hurt from these tragedies into finding real solutions to fix the problem and keep our communities safe. This means seriously tackling how we fight domestic and international terrorism and reforming our mental health system.

Having served as Henrico County Sheriff, I have the experience and plan needed to empower our law enforcement and national security professionals to detect, prevent, and respond to acts domestic or international terrorism. As Sheriff I have worked closely with policymakers and community leaders to tackle our tough mental health problems to find help for those who need it. I am proud of the work we have accomplished in addressing mental health – as outlined by the Virginian Pilot, but there is more to do. We as a nation must reform our system so we can get help for those struggling with mental health and ensure our communities are safe and strong.

We need real leaders in Washington who will stand firm for 4th District families and fight to find real solutions. We don’t need another partisan warrior who will continue the failed policies of the Obama Administration – like my opponent would. To fix Washington we need real leaders with real solutions.”