Responsible Governance


This November is it imperative that Republicans hold the U.S. House of Representatives. While winning the White House is a crucial task – holding our majorities in Congress is doubly so! Congress is where legislation is crafted and debated – so it is critical that we have solid conservative leaders in Washington.

As Sheriff of Henrico County I have been a consistent conservative who leads by finding commonsense solutions to the problems we face. I have worked with legislators to enact illegal immigration reforms, which help law enforcement professionals better combat this crisis. I am also proud to have cut the Sheriff’s office budget while at the same time creating jobs for college students studying the criminal justice field and saving Henrico taxpayers $1.25 Million.

In 2010 I created a student Basic jailor Academy, which is a certified program for students seeking to get into the criminal justice profession. This academy is a rigorous nine-week program – at the end of which the students are fully certified and are given part time jobs working in our local jails to gain crucial experience – giving them a leg up as they enter the workforce as college graduates. Please click HERE to read the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs write up on this program.

This is the type of commonsense leadership we desperately need in Washington. We need leaders who will fight for conservative solutions to the problems we face. As your next Congressman I will bring the same style of leadership to D.C. as I have brought to Henrico County. I will fight for commonsense solutions to reign in out of control spending, secure our border, fix our broken immigration system and strengthen our public servants like police officers and correctional professionals.

We can’t afford to sit home this election. With the control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the balance – 4th District Republicans need to turn out in force. Click HERE to sign up for a yard sign, to knock doors or make phone calls. Together lets ensure the 4th District goes solidly red on November 8th and lets ensure we have a solid conservative leader dedicated to finding commonsense solutions. Vote Mike Wade for Congress!


On to Victory!