ORBIT - Heroin Treatment Program

ORBIT (Opiate Recovery By Intensive Tracking)


The ORBIT Program was created as a sentencing tool for the Henrico Circuit Court. Sheriff Wade recommended to the Judges that they sentence the defendants with opiate addictions to ORBIT as a method to assist them in overcoming their addiction.
The program is based on the principle of addiction that a person’s life is out of control and the drug controls the person’s life. The ORBIT Program requires 12 weeks of in jail programming in the RISE Program (Recovery in a Secure Environment). Once the inmate has successfully completed the 12 weeks of RISE, they are moved to a work crew.

On the work crew they are supervised by a Deputy Sheriff as they preform work projects around the county. When the inmate has demonstrated their ability to work with little supervision they are moved to Work Release.
In the Work Release Program the inmate has a paid full time job. The inmate lives in the Work Release Center and is released to go to their job. The final phase of the program is the Home Incarceration Program (HIP).

In HIP the inmate lives at home and is allowed to go to their job and other approved appointments. On HIP the inmate wears a GPS bracelet and their movements are tracked.
The inmates are randomly drug tested throughout the program. By keeping a close watch and tracking the inmates closely, we believe it will give them the best chance to regain control of their lives and lead a successful and productive life.