Obamacare Premium Hikes Will Decimate 4th District Families

For years now the 4th District has been struggling with the damaging effects that Obamacare has brought on our families, who were already struggling to make ends meet. And it is about to get much worse. According to the Associated Press it has been confirmed that premiums will rise an average of 25%, and many will find they only have one insurance company to choose from. 

4th District families deserve leadership that will fight to bring jobs back to our communities and lower healthcare costs so no one has to ever make the tough choice between paying for insurance or providing for their families. Our healthcare system is a matter of national security, and we require real solutions to either repair or replace it. My opponent has no real solutions for fixing the problems other than to double down and expand the system, which is failing us now. 4th District families can’t afford to continue taking the hits and broken promises.

We must enact real healthcare reform that opens up the market, removes the artificially drawn state barriers so competition can drive down costs, protects those with pre-existing conditions, ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare, and rather than lining the pockets of special interests at health insurance companies – our government should invest money in healthcare infrastructure so the price of care goes down for everyone. 

We need a proven leader with a record of finding real solutions. By pushing real healthcare reform and investing in infrastructure, we can bring costs down for everyone, expand choices and let 4th District families keep more of their hard earned money. Vote Mike Wade for Congress on November 8th!